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Case Study 1 - Food Industry Market Research Firm - Ongoing Technical Support, Enterprise Anti-virus Deployment

(40 local users, 5 remote users, Chicago headquarters)

We were retained by this firm to maintain an existing Windows NT infrastrucutre that includes Microsoft Proxy Server providing secure Internet access and Microsoft Exchange Server providing enterprise Internet E-mail. Because of their size, a full-time support engineer isn't necessary, but when support is required, it's needed immediately. In addition to network support, we provide add/move/change and support services for all corporate PCs, as well as regular on-call support and regular network administration.

We were recently brought in to perform a PC refresh for 15 users, and our standard PC image/build hybrid methodology allowed us to prepare and roll all PCs into production in half the time that it normally took the firm to deploy PCs.

We also recently deployed an enterprise anti-virus solution which encompases all aspects of the network, including the Exchange mail server. The solution that we implemented not only quarrantines known viruses prior to delivery to a user's mailbox, but also provides for regular updates of virus definitions, keeping the list of known viruses in the database as current as possible. As a result, the firm's vulnerability to new virus outbreak has been virtually eliminated.

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