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Case Study 7 - State-wide Not-for-profit Commerce Association - Server Migration, PC deployment and Ongoing Support

(20 local users, Chicago branch office, Springfield, IL headquarters)

This state-wide concern had not yet embraced modern business technology when we arrived at the end of 1999. Their network infrastructure consisted of approximately 15 PCs that were nearly 5 years old at the time. Because of the age of their existing equipment, it was decided that it would be more cost-effective to perform a complete technology refresh rather than attempt large-scale upgrades. Intragration was brought in to deploy all new PCs, as well as the client's first network server, a Microsoft Back Office Server with Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Proxy Server for Internet security, and Microsoft Exchange for in-house e-mail. We assisted with the selection of dedicated Internet service, worked with the vendor to assure timely and accurate configuration, and had the whole system up and running in less than 30 days.

Upon completion, Intragration was retained on an on-call basis to support all network functions, as there was no in-house support staff. We also assisted when the decision was made to move business operations to the Springfield office and to de-centralize a majority of the local staff, setting remaining users up with remote access from their home offices.

We continue to provide on-call support for all technology issues in the downsized local office, including installs/adds/moves/changes, e-mail support, and connectivity to the new Springfield data-processing center.

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