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Case Study 4 - Law Offices - Network/Internet Firewall Deployment and Ongoing Technical Support

(5-10 local users, numerous Chicago locations)

This has become somewhat of a specialization for us. We have been retained by numerous local law offices for ongoing network support following initial depolyments of Windows 2000 servers and Internet connectivity through Microsoft ISA Firewall Server. In each case, the law offices we have dealt with have had limited or non-existent office technology prior to our arrival.

In several cases, we were able to streamline Internet connectivity costs, saving our clients hundreds of dollars per month in recurring telecommunication fees. Additionally, as with all of our clients, we make it a point to simplify the support and maintenance of our client's systems, saving them time and money and allowing them to reap the benefits of upgraded technology quickly.

As with all industries, specialization comes with experience, and throughout the course of our work with various practices, we have developed our ability to proactively manage technology as it applies to law. We have been exposed to a numerous trial and office management software packages, and have since begun implementing and upgrading specialty law software for several clients.

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