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Case Study 5 - National Investment Broker - Onsite PC, Network and Phone System Support

(50 local users, Chicago branch office, Boston national headquarters)

This national investment firm maintains a staff of IT professionals at its headquarters that numbers in the hundreds, but the level of service that was being provided to the Chicago sales office was less than optimal. The expense of full-time network administrators and onsite support engineers was deemed unnecessary by executive management, however, regular network and PC issues left the staff unable to perform their jobs.

In an effort to step up service, corporate headquarters offered outsourced network service provided by a national systems integrator, but this firm's performance was unacceptable. Untrained engineers were sent to the site, and the same engineer rarely returned. This prevented any knowledge or experience transfer from engineer to engineer, a particular concern considering the complex and diverse nature of the systems in the Chicago office. When it came to resolving staffing problems, there seemed to be no accountability on the part of the service provider's unreachable management staff.

Intragration was retained to bring some order to the Chicago office network by providing regular onsite support, as well as critical-issue on-call support. By placing an engineer onsite on a regular part-time basis, we are able to provide cost-effective consistency, as well as a chain of experience that allows issues to be addressed quickly and efficiently. When things get out of hand, we're already onsite to start troubleshooting. Outside of our regular support hours, an engineer is only a phone call away, and if emergency onsite response is required, we can dispatch an engineer almost immediately.

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